Jazz Band


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Jazz Band Members:

Sponsor: Odell Jackson

Trombones: Rhythm Section:
Lexi Boyer

Isabelle Pyatt

Jarod Allen

Patrick Wright

Kat Boyer

Isaac Link

Eli Long

Abi Hayes

K’Ra Patterson

Kami Politte

Trinity Huffman

James Snider




Conner Jarvis

Jordan Browne

JC Brewer

Kaleb Hilkemeyer




The Jazz Program at Potosi R-3 is under the direction of Kaitlin Glauber.  This growing program currently has two bands, one at John Evans Middle School and one at PHS.   The groups are creating a proud tradition of Jazz here at Potosi, and would like to invite you to all of our performances this year.

PHS Jazz

 The high school ensemble continues to develop musical independence through knowledge of styles and performance techniques of varied jazz literature.  Students study improvisation techniques, proper production of tone, and interpretations of jazz rhythms and articulations.

A wide variety of literature is covered in this ensemble which exposes students to a plethora of musical environments.  This extreme rigor requires students to be knowledgeable of a multitude of genres and requirements for performing in said genres.  The result: musicians that perform as a cohesive unit and can function without additional direction. Membership of this ensemble is by audition or director approval only

JEMS Jazz Band  

This ensemble consists of saxophones, trumpets, trombones, piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, and auxiliary percussion. The purpose of this ensemble is to set a foundation of basic skills that will be used later in high school.  Topics covered in this class include, but are not limited to the following: understanding of ensemble balance, tone production, improvisation, sight-reading, theory, transcription, scale and chord construction, and history as it pertains to the music that is being taught.  This course will focus on music of the Big Band Era in order to develop their style and tone as an ensemble.  This course focuses on creating confident, proficient musicians on every instrument.